SRPB – Tank carrier semi-trailer

The SRPB armoured semi-trailer has been specially designed to carry main battle tanks on and off road.

Originally designed to carry the Leclerc tank, its robust design enables it to carry similar combat tanks such as the M1, the Leopard 2 or the Ariete.

The SRPB can carry loads up to 70 tonnes and can be coupled to most tractors currently in service within NATO.

It has 6 axles, the rear 3 of which are steering axles. The height of the gooseneck is hydraulically adjustable.

The hydraulic suspension system enables the height of the loading platform to be adjusted.

A roller and pulley system is installed to enable the loading and unloading of damaged or defective vehicles.

The SRPB is in service with the French and other armies.



GVW : 81 t
Payload : 60 t
Empty weight : 19.5 t
Overall length : 15 220 mm
Platform length : 10 940 mm
Width : 3 350 mm



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