The FL500 Fardier is a light, air-transportable off-road vehicle designed to provide mobility for ground troops airdropped into difficult terrain.

Its high power-to-weight ratio and excellent traction enables it to tow heavy weapons (up to 800 kg) for long distances in rough terrain.

The Fardier works as a service vehicle that can transport or tow equipment for teams that have been airdropped before the arrival of their regular vehicles.

It is valuable as a tactical vehicle in operations behind enemy lines or in defending the jump areas given its anti-tank (MILAN) or anti-personnel weapons (machine gun or 120 mm mortar).

While the Fardier was initially designed for airborne troops, it is useful for any operations needing a highly mobile vehicle for reconnaissance, defence or logistical support in difficult terrain.

The Fardier is in service with the French and other armies.



GVW : 1 180 kg
Empty weight : 680 kg
Speed : 80 km/h
Range : 200 km
Length : 2 275 mm
Width : 1 260 mm



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