PVP – Small armoured vehicle

The Soframe PVP is an armoured all-terrain vehicle with permanent 4-wheel drive.

It is very fl exible, as it has two large side doors, a rear door and a roof hatch, which give easy access to the considerable load capacity. This means that it can be fi tted to work in many different ways, including as:
• Command Post vehicle
• Logistics Transport vehicle
• Personnel carrier
• Reconnaissance vehicle
• Anti-tank vehicle

It has air-conditioning and comfort features that make long distance travel more comfortable.

Its dimensions mean that it can run on any type of terrain, and reach top speed of 110 km/h.

The powertrain and traction enable the Soframe PVP to be highly mobile even across rocky, muddy or sandy terrain.



GVW : 4 950 kg
Crew : 6
Speed : 110 km/h
Tank : 80 l
Length : 4 550 mm
Width : 2 080 mm
Height : 2 090 mm



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