Soframe unveils its MOSAIC project

2021.02.19 – Raids (FR) In its press release at the end of January, the Alsace-based company Soframe unveiled its MOSAIC concept designed to meet the needs of the future French Armoured Vehicle for Engagement Support (VBAE) MOSAIC, the acronym derived from Mission Observation Surveillance Acquisition Investigation Combat (observation, surveillance, acquisition, intelligence and combat mission) enters…
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MOSAIC vehicle bets on protection and stealth

2021.02.15 – Shepard Media (GB) MOSAIC has a low silhouette and rear engine to reduce its signature and features major innovations in the field of ballistic protection. Soframe developed the platform focusing on the French VBAE programme. Focusing on the French Armoured Vehicle for Engagement Support (VBAE) programme, Soframe has developed the Mission Observation Surveillance…
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Soframe’s MOSAIC a contender to replace the VBL light armoured vehicle

2021.02.15 – DNA (FR) With the “Swiss Army knife” of the French army, the VBL (light armoured vehicle), having recently been criticised for its lack of protection, several industrialists have been working on its successor, including Soframe, the military branch of LOHR. …   Lire l’article

SOFRAME unveils its MOSAIC project

SOFRAME, subsidiary of the Alsace-based LOHR group, which specialises in protected vehicles operated by armed forces and security units, has unveiled its MOSAIC project. MOSAIC is a platform designed to meet the requirements for light reconnaissance and support vehicles for combat units. … Read the article

SOFRAME, French defence and technological innovation

2018.06.11 – Press Release SOFRAME designs, produces and supports land based vehicles systems in the defense and security sectors. The company benefi ts from a modern and state of the art industrial site which is part of the LOHR group situated in Duppipgheim in the Alsace region of France. Come and visit the SOFRAME stand…
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SOFRAME and its new products

2016.06.13 – Press Release SOFRAME, a fl exible and innovative company. At the Eurosatory 2016 trade fair, SOFRAME will present four new products, together with a new fleet management solution: – ARIVE, ARmoured Infanty VEhicle – VID 12 000S, Anti-Riot Vehicle – VENPIR and OUTFIELDER, Special Forces Vehicles type – The SOFRAME Fleet Management Solution…
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