PCP – Command shelter carrier

The Soframe PCP carrier is a high mobility off-road 6x6 truck designed for extreme environments.

The semi-advanced cab promotes intuitive driving. It can transport 3 people and offers modular protection.

It has permanent 4 wheel drive, and an automatic gearbox, providing excellent traction.

The driver has a control device to adjust the tire pressure with 3 pre-set configurations for different types of surface: road, track or sand.

Its torsion-free platform can carry a 20 foot ISO load on all types of ground, benefitting from the flexibility of the chassis and the traction chain.



GVW : 27 000 kg
Crew : 3
Speed : 90 km/h
Tank : 300 litres
Length : 10 400 mm
Width : 2 500 mm
Height : 3 900 mm



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